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Our function Strategic relationship marketing ° Choose a new approach to analyzing your business. ° Invent and imagine profitability perspectives that are in line with modern communication. ° Create and innovate in the approach to the promotion and distribution of products. ° Suggest that companies use this site as a study office. ° Innovate through different working methods in consultation with companies. ° To evolve is to have the capacity to seek the contribution of an external analysis. BtoB Business ° BtoB Business also offers a free general directory service for websites, referencing your website in Google, yahoo, bing ... ° Intended only for the Categories offered, any other sites will not be published. ° You can submit your sites for free. ° Find News, Beauty, Business, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Leisure, Shopping, Society ... ° What could be better than local platforms? This is why BtoB Business allows you to consult generalist sites for free around you. ° But if certain things are rather sought after at the local level such as E-Commerce (obviously, we avoid going to look for them at the other end of the country), others require, on the contrary, a broader search among the proposals . ° To find the right sites, it is often necessary to broaden your search field to an entire region, for example. ° On BtoB Business, you choose to extend your search scope as you wish. ° Whether within a radius of 10km around your neighborhood, in an entire department or even in an entire region, our free directory service can allow you to find everything you need near you ... or a little further. ° Whether it is News, Beauty, Business, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Leisure, Shopping, Society ... sites, you will surely find what you are looking for on BtoB Business. ° And don't hesitate to browse our different categories: News, Beauty, Business, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Leisure, Shopping, Society ...! ° Submit your sites for free with the click of a button, on BtoB Business ° Submit your site for free on BtoB Business is very simple, it works like local newspapers ... But with many more benefits! ° More visibility: on BtoB Business your site will remain online indefinitely and will therefore be permanently visible to other Internet users. ° A definite benefit, which clearly increases your chances of success. ° More success: to make your publication even more attractive you can upload an image of type ascreen.jpg (120x90) at the root of your site. ° An opportunity that we strongly advise you to exploit to give more visibility to your submission. ° Then choose your category, and submit your site in record time, let's go!
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